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Stress & Burnout Coaching

Is an intensive and systematic form of coaching that provides insight into one's own stressors and focuses on improving stress coping skills. This coaching offers methods to prevent, shorten or remedy negative stress, tension complaints, overload and burnout.


This with the exception of stress complaints caused by serious trauma, serious crises, medical causes or a psychological or psychiatric disorder. In these cases, guidance by a clinical psychologist, doctor or psychiatrist is indicated.


Career coaching

Career guidance is an intensive coaching process with conversations, exercises and tests tailored to your career question. We map out your pitfalls and motivations and help you to sketch your ideal professional future, and the type of job that suits you. Together we also work out a realistic step-by-step plan to get there.

During your career counseling, you reflect on your job, your career, your talents, your dreams, your work-life balance, etc. You do this in a process of 4 or 7 hours, divided over various appointments with your personal coach. You can go to David with the career checks from the vdab.

HSP Coaching

You hear more and more about HSP in recent years. Why should you use coaching if you are highly sensitive? Many people experience HSP problems such as: 'I am so sensitive', 'I am too sensitive to atmosphere or criticism', 'people don't understand me', 'I experience emotional problems',' I experience relationship problems due to HSP ',' I can't set boundaries or keep the feelings of others out of me 'and other complaints like this. Many of these things can be alleviated or transformed with the right approach so that you turn your high sensitivity into a strength instead of a complaint. You can contact Katia for this type of coaching.

Behavioral Therapy

Psychotherapy goes a step further than coaching and focuses on the deeper and older layers within ourselves. Bringing these to the surface and giving them a meaningful place can make our lives more valuable.

Sometimes clients lose sight of what they have hidden deep within themselves because they have invested all their time and energy in controlling unwanted experiences such as anxiety, depression, panic, etc.

Through psychotherapy we try to reconnect with these deeper, often unconscious layers and hidden parts of ourselves. As a result, our energy can be used positively again and people can live from their own strength and authenticity. "Discover your strength", as the motto of P&M Coaching & Therapy is.

Wandelcoaching & therapie in de natuur 

Coaches & Therapists

Katia Pelleriaux

Approval number: 732104091

  • Clinical Psychologist (KUL)

  • Health psychologist (KUL)

  • ACT Psychotherapy (ACT Academy)

  • HSP Professional (VUB)

  • Contextual Behavioral Therapist in (Allegre)

  • Target audience: adults, couples and the elderly






David Maegerman

Recognized by the VESB

  • Professional Coach (Better Minds at Work)

  • Accredited career coach (Better Minds at Work)

  • Career guidance via career vouchers is possible

  • Insights Discovery & Deeper Discovery licensed practitioner

  • Certified Team Coach

  • Target audience: adults




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