Psychotherapy goes a step further then coaching and focusses on the deeper and older layers in ourselves. By bringing these to the surface and by giving them a meaningfull place, we are able to make our lives so much richer. 

It happens that we sometimes lose track of very positive and meaningful things because we had to use all of our time and energy to keep negative things like anxieties, depression, panic etc... under control.


Through psychotherapy, we try to get in touch with deeper layers in the subconscious where we could stumble upon hidden pieces of ourselves. This enables clients to use their energy in a positive way again and it helps them to live based on their own strengths and authenticity. "Discover your strenghts", like P&M's motto says.


During the therapy sessions, we create a safe environment in which we will help you to see yourself or your story from another perspective. The therapy is a tool to work on the relationship that you have with yourself, your body, the world as you see it, the interaction with others and the people around you. 


The journey together starts with an intake, a first conversation of 60 minutes. During this first session, there's room for questions and room to express the expectations you have for the therapy. Once the starting point on the objective has been defined, we counseling can begin. If necessary, other angles on how to go forward or different techniques could be used (e.g. breathing techniques, relaxation, meditation, creatieve work forms, ...). If the need or subject is not one of our expertises, then we will together in joint consultation for another therapist or counselor

A therapy session is 60 minutes and the fee is always in line with the level of education, the experience and the expertise of the therapist.


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