Time management

Do you often have the feeling that your days are too short? You dream to do all that is required within the given deadlines, but you often don't see the wood for the trees anymore? Sometimes you even take some work with you to finish at home?

If this sounds like you, then some new skills on time and focus

management are probably needed.

Target Audience: 

- Employees, leaders/managers who want to learn how to better plan and organise their activities.

Experiences - prerequisites needed: 

- This training doesn't require any previous experience or foreknowledge.

- This is an interactive training based on your personal experiences and examples from your working environment.


Duration of the training: 1 training session of 1 day with a follow-up session of 0,5 day

Related topics that can be integrated in a training on coaching are:

- Assertiveness

- Project management

- Self-leadership

- Stress management

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We customize all trainings 

based on your needs and/or the target audience.

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