Stress Management

The level of stress to manage can sometimes be so high that we we feel that we cannot think straight anymore. Being under stress for too long can lead to physical problems and in the worst case scenario to a burn-out. Fortunately, there's sometimes you can do! So if you recognise this in your own behaviour or that of your colleagues, this training could help you to manage that stress better.



Target audience: 

- Leaders/managers who wish to manage their team more efficiently, productively and qualitatively .

- Employees who are under a lot of stress and want to learn how to actively deal with their stress.

Experience - prerequisites: 

- This training does not require any experience or foreknowledge.

- This is an interactive training based on your personal experiences and examples from your working environment.

Duration of the training: 2 sessions of 0,5 day up to 1 day

Related topics that can be integrated in a training about stress management are:

- Communicate with impact

- Assertiveness

- Develop self-confidence

- Develop healthy sleep habits

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