Project management

Do you sometimes get a project thrown into your lap and wonder how to handle that? In this training, we teach you how to work step by step according to a planning, a context and a budget while keeping every stakeholder informed on progress.

Target audience: 

- Project members who want to learn how projects should be run.

- Project managers who want to assimilate the methodology Prince2 or AgilePM. 

Experiences - prerequisites needed: 

- This training doesn't require any previous experience or foreknowledge.

- This is an interactive training based on your personal experiences and examples from your working environment.

Duration of the training will depend on the needs of the target audience: 1 to 5 sessions of 1 day

Related Topics that can be integrated in a training on project management are:

- Time management

- Assertiveness

- Communication

- People management

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We customize all trainings 

based on your needs and/or the target audience.

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