Leading people or managing people... What's the difference? Well... when we lead a group, we enable the people themselves to get the most out of their own possibilities. We encourage them to put their motivation and skills at the service of the team, the department or the organisation. In order to lead

correctly, it requires some very specific skills.


Target audience: 

- Supervisors, managers, leaders who are responsible for a team and want to achieve strong and

  sustainable results realised from within the team.

Experiences - prerequisites needed: 

- For this course, a sound base of people management skills is required..

- This is an interactive training based on your personal experiences and examples from your working environment.


Duration of the training: 2 training sessions of 1 day

Related topics that can be integrated in a training on leadership are:

- Coaching

- Communication

- Team dynamics

- Self-leadership & authenticity

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We customize all trainings 

based on your needs and/or the target audience.

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