Communicating with others is something we do everyday. Talking, listening, it seems so simple! However, good and effective communication is not so obvious. Most misunderstandings between people start with something that went wrong in a communication. Mistakes that are made both in listening and talking.

Discover your preferred communication style, the traps linked

to that style and the power of effective communication.



Target Audience: 

- Leaders/Managers who want to learn to communicatie more efficiently, productively and qualitatively to their team.

- Employees who want to improve communication with their colleagues or manager(s).

Experiences - prerequisites needed: 

- This training doesn't require any previous experience or foreknowledge.

- This is an interactive training based on your personal experiences and examples from your working environment.


Duration of the training: 2 sessions of 0,5 day to 1 day

Related topics that can be integrated in a training on communication are:

-Develop self-confidence


-People Management


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We customize all trainings based on your needs and/or the target audience

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