As coach, you take people to the essence of their being. You touch them, you accompany and inspire them to develop their strengths in a trusting environment. In this training on coaching, you learn to develop multiple techniques

and skills that will support you while coaching others. 


Target audience: 

- Leaders/managers who want to get the most out of their team.

- Employees who accompany colleagues by integrating them in a new working environment or

  who coach colleagues to reach specific objectives.

Experiences - prerequisites needed: 

- This training doesn't require any previous experience or foreknowledge.

- This is an interactive training based on your personal experiences and examples from your working environment.


Duration of the training: 2 sessions of 1 day

Related topics that can be integrated in a training on coaching are:

- Communicate with impact

- Assertiveness

- Develop self-confidence

- People Management

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We customize all trainings 

based on your needs and/or the target audience.

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