Coaching is a process that helps you to develop your self-knowledge in order to function better in your personal or professional life. The coach is there to help you to gain insights on (sometimes) un(der)used powers or skills, to built up confidence and to overcome certain inhibitions. A coach can help you see certain situations differently and look at them from another perspective in order to obtain alternative insights and and learn new behaviours on how to deal with them. A better selfknowledge contributes to a better well being and helps to improve the quality of interactions with other people.


                                                                        Life Coaching provides guidance on how to develop skills, how to cope with

                                                                        emotional pain, how to take decissions or on how to solve private issues like conflicts                                                                         in a relationship, family arguments... 

                                                                        Professional Coaching can help to develop professional skills or to improve your                                                                                 efficency on the work floor. It can also be about how to handle change better, how to                                                                         take professional decisions or how to solve specific work related problems.



                                                                        In Management Coaching, the objective is to develop skills to manage a group of                                                                               people, from coaching a team to directing a complete company. We can also help                                                                               you to improve your efficiency, give you tools on how to direct change(s) in your                                                                                   organization or on how to take decisions or solve issues that come accross your path.



All coachings start with an intake of 60 minutes. Based on that conversation and the questions that both the coach and the client will have, the objectives and expectations for the coaching will be defined. After a mutual agreement of the objectives, the journey together will start. If the specific needs for coaching is not something that lies within our expertise, then we will look in joint consultation for another coach that is specialized in that specific matter.


A coaching session is 60 minutes and the fee is always in line with the level of education, the experience and the expertise of the coach.



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