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As psychologists and coaches, we believe it is important to continue to provide the necessary mental and emotional support to those who need it in these times of social distancing.


Since May 18, 2020, therapy or coaching sessions can again take place in our practice. We respect the applicable rules set by the Belgian government in order to do so. Since we can easily guarantee the minimum distance of 1.5m, a mouth mask is not mandatory in our practice.

f you belong to a risk group or if you don't feel comfortable coming to our practice, the sessions can still take place remotely via video calling. We believe this visual contact is necessary to guarantee a correct support. If you are not yet familiar with our practice or wish to make an appointment, click on the link below.



There are many reasons why we reflect on ourselves and our personal development. Whatever the reason, it's important to take charge of our own life and be responsibile for who we are.

The question is: how and where do I start this personal development?

Our team


In a dynamic, fast growing or changing business environment, it is crucial to react rapidly and swiftly. 


Sometimes, what a company needs is a reinforcement in the team or a very specific, temporary expertise to be able to grow.

We strongly believe in the human potential of
each individual.
We believe that if a person is in balance, that person can be whoever he wants to be and can achieve whatever he has in mind.
Our goal is to help you discover and develop your strengths, talents and skills.


Everything we did up to now was merely a preparation for what we currently do and offer to both individuals, employees, managers as well as leaders. We are entrepreneurs with a heart, focussed on developing people. We have a proper academic background extended with clinical and business experience in different industries.


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