Unhealthy food and physical inactivity are the main factors for overweight and obesity.

According to the World Health Organisation, the main cause for overweight and obesity is an imbalance between the number of calories consumed and the number of used calories.


Globally, there is:

- an increased consumption of high-energy food containing a lot of fats, salt and sugars but very little vitamines, minerals and other micro-nutritients. 

- a decrease of physical activity caused by or jobs (more and more sedentary jobs), new forms of transports and the increasing urbanisation.

Healthy Lifestyle




In life, factors like a balanced nutrition, a good night's sleep, controlled stress and physical activity are crucial to get and maintain a good physical and mental health. 






Smoking also has a lot of nasty side-effects and so there are many good reasons to stop smoking. It has it's financial advantages, it's good for your health and the people around will also benefit from it.


Smoking is an addiction that's not to be underestimated. Most smokers have tried to stop more then once, some by using all kinds of special methods or tools. An addiction can be linked to a lot of emotional, behavioral and physical factors. The probability of succesfully stopping is four times higher for people who decide to go though individual counseling. 

Before we start, it is important to get a view on your smoking behavior (if you still smoke) and to understand your motivations to stop smoking. We will determine which method best fits your personality, your motivations and your smoking behavior. Next, we will decide on a personal counseling plan that will take into account your strength and your weaknesses to increase the chance that you can stop smoking forever.

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