For many people, a walk in the forest or just the fact to be outside for a moment is a refreshing way to clear the head and to put things in perspective. The combination of the physical movement and he beauty of nature relaxes us and often brings clarity on issues that bother us.


A lot of people find it difficult to talk about themselves in front of a coach or psychologist. If that's the case for you as well, then coaching while walking is perhaps THE solution for you. We walk side by side through the Sonian Forest while talking about the problems you struggle with and together we try to find answers. It could also be a nice change from the sessions in our practice.


Coaching while walking uses the healing and calming effect natures has on us to see new paths, new directions to follow in life. Together with the coach, you'll be walking through nature on a journey to define new goals and a roadmap to get there. The barriers to get to those goals will be identified en you'll learn to see new ways to pass those barriers.


Coaching while walking is a perfect way to define which direction you want to take in life. Continue on the current path or chose a new route to follow?


Coaching while walking is a form of psychotherapy in which nature and movement are used as extra resources. Exploration, getting new insights, getting in touch with your feelings and actions to start recovery are also very important in this form of therapy. Nature brings us comfort and inner peace. Physical movement leads to emotional, mental and spiritual movement.


Coaching while walking is particularly well suited in case of depression, burn-out, C.F.S., stress and anxiety.



We always start with an intake of 60min in our practice.  Based on your preference, we will chose the right method to go forward: coaching while walking, therapy while walking, meditation while walking, dealing with your feelings in a creative-expressive way, setups, working with metafores and symbols, perform rituals or experience silence.


One walking session is 90 min.


Our own experience shows us that you can go into the Sonian Forest year-round. All it takes is a good pair of hiking shoes.

Make sure that you adapt your clothing based on the weather forecast.

In case of rainy weather: rain gear, possible an umbrella and rain boots.

In case of sunny weather: sun lotion, a hat and something to drink

In case of cold weather: multiple layers of clothing

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