Coaching is a process that helps people to increase self-knowledge and function better in a professional context by developing his/her skills and talents. The coach gives you new insights in (sometimes unused) strenghts and helps you to conquer your internal inhibitions. The coach also helps you to put specific situations in a new light. A better self-knowledge will improve the interactions with and within your team and enables the development of new behaviour and a professional evolution.

Employee Assistance Programs

an EAP is a professional counseling, coaching and advice service a company/organization offers to its employees. It offers employees in a quick and discreet way professional support to a variety of personal questions, difficulties or problems that might affect their professional performance. Do you want to get in touch with one of our coaches through an EAP? Contact your employer and ask them if they have subscription with Pulso-Europe or ICAS.

Professional coaching

The goal of a Professional Coaching is to help you to develop new skills, improve your personal efficiency, learn how to cope with change, take a decission or solve a specific problem at work.

Management coaching

During a Management Coaching, we help you to develop management and leadership skills, improve your personal efficiency, how to manage change, take decissions or solve problems that you are confronted with as a manager or leader

Are you looking for a professional or management coaching? Contact us and we will determine together (with you or your manager) what the objectives of the coaching are. In others words, in which field you want to evolve to be able to improve your professional or managerial performance. The intake is followed by 5 to 6 individual coaching sessions of 2h, spread over 6 months. Afterwards, there will be a meeting between the coach, yourself and your manager that will end the coaching or that will to identify new objectives.

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