Maybe people around you or your PhD told you that your heading for a Burn-Out or that you're already in one. .  Burn-out is a TRENDING word and is being used  to describe different levels of stress and even complete (professional) exhaustion. 

Depending on the level of Burn-Out that you're in, different treatments are avaible.




It happens to all of us: tight deadlines, changing environments, a busy personal life... You don't where to start but you still seem to manage to cope with it... for now. If that's the case, then it's time to learn how to deal with that stress and time to develop a healthy active lifestyle..

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You're overworked, overstrained. Your body is running out of energy and the high levels of cortisol are take their toll. The amount of work that you're able to do declines and it is getting hard complete your activities according to your own level of satisfaction. Physical complaints start to emerge so it's time for a break, to take a step back, recharge you batteries and feed you body correctly.

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Burn-out is reserved only for those who are persistant. You have been overstrained but didn't

learn anything from being in that situation. You have been ignoring all possible physical or psychological complaints for months or years. It could even be that you never noticed any of those problems. Your body is physically and mentally exhausted.

Despite the long prelude towards a burn-out, it often seems to come sudden and unexpected. 

In some cases, people are even so confused that they are no longer able to get home or litterally collapse. Your body sent out subtle signals for months or years, signals you didn't notice or chose to ignore and that's why your body now reacts in a way you can no longer ignore. It doens't matter any more how important your daily tasks are to you, your new focus will be to work on your burn out and to work on yourself.


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