Fear as well as depression are diagnoses which are determined individually.


In the case that you think of going trough a depressive episode, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you having a predominant sad mood?

  • Have you lost interest in things that you otherwise enjoyed?

  • Did you notice an increase or decrease in your body weight lately?

  • Are you having disturbed nights?

  • Do you experience lossof energy or fatigue?

  • Do you feel more inhibited or the opposite, more restless?

  • Do guilt feelings come up sometimes?

  • Does your concentration fails more often lately?

  • Do you experience memory problems?

  • Do you sometimes think about death or suicide?


In the case that most of these questions are found positive and these symptoms are experienced for longer than two weeks, one speaks of a depressive episode. We call it a depression when these episodes regularly repeat. There is a probability that depression and anxiety are comorbid.



We start by searching with the client for the plausible causes of this depression/anxiety and the way of coping with these events/situations. Once this is cleared out, we can move on to the cognitive processes underlying this depression/anxiety. The last focus is layed on the things we like to do. Important for therapy is to explore which was the cause for the other one to start. Anxiety disorders occur in all sizes. A few well known phobias are fear of heights (acrophobia), fear of small spaces (claustrophobia) or big spaces (agoraphobia), but also the social phobia and the panic disorder.

Important features of an anxiety disorder is that this anxiety is sometimes irrational and baseless. This fear occurs together with avoidance behavior. We speak of disorders when this anxiety interferes with doing daily tasks. In other words, when our daily functioning is disturbed.


When you recognise this kind of anxiety in yourself, the kind that makes you avoid things that otherwise you like (a lot), it’s recommended to go in therapy.






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