Everything that we have done up to now was merely a preparation for what we currently do and offer to both individuals, employees, managers as well as leaders. We are entrepreneurs with a heart, focussed on developping people. We have a proper academic background extended with clinical and business experience in different industries.

Katia Pelleriaux
Founder & driving force

P&M Coaching & Consultancy was founded by Katia Pelleriaux. 


Katia started her career on several fronts. As a clinical Psychologist, she didn't want to lose touch with the daily reality of employees and workers. As a result, she worked in Human Resources for 15 years and was able to build up management experience in different industries, from the financial sector to service sector and distribution industry. At the same time, she was able to combine this with a private practice as psychologist.


Over the years, Katia has built up specialist competencies in preventing and curing problems related to Stress or Burn Out. She coaches a lot of people in order to improve their resilience and assertiveness. These past years, she's been active in business environments as a Trainer/Coach to support teams, managers and C-level leaders. Katia got her first Professional Coach certificate in 2009, did an additional study in 2013 and is currently preparing for an ICF certification.


Katia has seen that people can react vary differently to stress. Depending on your personal experience, values, convictions, your personality and habbits, stress will have more or less impact and influence on your daily life.


Her experience shows her that training, coaching and psychotherapy often go hand in hand. After all, you cannot detach your professional life from your personal life and the one will always have an infuence on the other.


The Psychology Master degree, the additional specialization in Health Psychology and her extensive experience as a Professional Coach & Psychotherapist help Katia to focus on the differents aspects of a human being. Based on this holistic approach, her private practice is both about focussing on Life Coaching and Psychotherapie as well as Professional and Management Coaching.


Katia is a trained professional in transactional analysis, DISC (Communication styles) and ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, 3rd generation of behaviour therapy). She uses a very divers toolbox to let people grow on both a personal and professional level.


David Maegerman
Business Partner

David Maegerman is Managing Partner at P&M Coaching & Consultancy.


David started his career in the IT industry where he assisted business customers in their search for the right solution based on their specific needs. He consolidated this commercial experience afterwards in the paper industry: alligning supply and demand, connecting with the right people and anticipating to the needs of the customers became his second nature. Next to his day-to-day job, he was occasionaly consulted to train colleagues in a specific method, the use of a tool, on how to deal with  customers...


Bitten by the bug of training and coaching people, he reoriented his career and joined an insurance company where he was responsible for training a network of insurance brokers to increase customer service and improve the collaboration between the broker and the insurance company. It became crystal clear that training and coaching was David's passion. As a former athlete and as a president of a fast growing sports club  (www.jollyjumpers.be), he knows how important it is to work towards predefined goals. And so he made it his objective to be able to go through life as a trainer/coach.


Since May 2015, David has been an accredited trainer in Project Management (Prince2® and AgilePM) and he also coaches teams, Project Managers and other managers/leaders. He's also an expert in individual and team communication which integrates perfectly into our custom made trainings to customers. Time-management, Customer centricity and telephone trainings complete his portfolio.

Next to his business assignments, health, nutrition and sports are topics that are very important for David. As Independent Distributor and Supervisor for Herbalife, he coaches  individuals who want to keep their weight under control or want to improve their vitality. Athletes in search of a nutrition coach can rely on him as well. 


With his background in Sales, Business Training and in sports, he combines different experiences that in total are a great asset to our team.

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